Owners, Supervisory Boards, Senior Managers.
Finance Industry. Selected Companies



Our clients are owners, supervisory boards and senior managers in the finance industry and selected companies. We are anchored in particular in German-speaking countries and in Europe.

  1. Owners

    We support current or future owners of companies in core issues of value creation with respect to their investments – for example:

    • Is the business model of a company sustainable and is a strategy being pursued which supports a mix of opportunities/risks in favour of my investment targets?
    • What leverage leads to the support/increase in value of my (potential) investment and is this adequately addressed in the management plan?
    • Is the path proposed and the speed of corporate development really appropriate or would it better to proceed in a different way?
    • Are we well positioned as we are or would the possibilities for the future be better in the case of a merger or acquisition?
    • Is the management team well positioned in its skills and experience as well as in its interaction in order to navigate the company safely and successfully through imminent challenges?
    • Are the representatives on supervisory committees in a position to accompany the development of the company or is a different sort of experience or skill necessary?
    • Is the governance system designed in such a way that quick decisions can be taken on a transparent basis thereby preventing nasty surprises?
    • Is now really the best time to divest?
  2. Supervisory Boards

    Supervisory board members face urgent issues, not least against the backdrop of rapidly changing regulatory requirements and increasing liability:

    • Is the governance approach we pursue for our company the right approach and is the cooperation model with management right or is there potential for improvement?
    • Is the information which we regularly receive from management the right information for us to truly assess the current performance and future plans of the company? Is it the right information to be able to make good decisions? Or do we need a completely different information base?
    • Do we share management’s opinion on the company’s value drivers and risk factors unconditionally or would we perhaps benefit from a second opinion here?
    • Is management well positioned to lead the company safely or do we need to bring other and additional talent on board to face the challenges ahead?
    • How can we improve the efficacy and interplay of management as a team – is this merely a question of technical suitability or must the oft-cited soft factors be taken into account too?


  3. Senior Managers

    Senior managers find themselves in a time of ever more rapid change with an ever increasing range of options for action. This raises questions as to the right decisions:

    • Is the strategy for our company the right one to be able to benefit from foreseeable opportunities while at the same time avoiding too great a risk?
    • Why are negotiations on the key cooperation project faltering – can I not improve our negotiating position with other approaches?
    • Why do I feel worn down between supervisory board and management team? Is there not a better way of shaping these relationships?
    • How do we generate and set the right management impulses to be able to effectively and rapidly implement the resolved strategy – based on timely information describing the correct leverage?
    • Is my organisation efficiently structured to be able to effectively implement our business model and strategy?
    • Could we not improve the cooperation and interplay between our teams in order to reduce friction and exploit synergies?
    • Do I have the right team on board or do I need new and more advanced talents?
    • What are the levers to increase the performance of individual managers or teams?