Solutions. Decisions.



Results include successful due diligence, effective negotiating processes and implemented transactions. Efficient value-creating governance systems are just as important as design, review and successful implementation of measures for key issues in corporate management. Transformation processes are rapidly implemented and generate sustainable effect.

  1. Consulting – As equals. Together. Continual and project-based.

    Here, a common development and solution process is used to generate a result accepted by the customer and which can actually be implemented. By the tight integration of internal resources, a significant learning effect is generated, know-how remains in the company and can immediately be used for implementation. We are pleased to provide support, though necessarily require the full commitment of a suitable internal team here. By the integration of management of other external parties, common dealings are coordinated in respect to value levers of the organisation and use of resources is optimised, also in terms of good value for money.

  2. Sparring – Subjectively objective. Befitting the situation. Always personal.

    Through sparring, you broaden your perspective and the understanding of your environment, of acting persons and their interactions. Positions can be comprehensively thought through and shored up. Your reactions improve considerably thereby allowing your actions to unfold more targeted effect.

  3. Coaching – Development orientated. Authentic. Effective.

    By targeted coaching of persons, team and/or organisation, you bring acting persons “into the lead”. Roles are lived professionally and hidden agendas reduced. Professional behaviour leads to successful personal and organisational transformation processes.

  4. Development – Successful Boards Institute

    By systematic development, continual improvement of individual and organisational competence is made possible. The ability to shape the volatility and uncertainty as well as the complexity and ambiguity of our environment is developed further. This allows potential to be raised sustainably. We develop corresponding results, specifically tailored to your situation and needs, together with you in the Successful Boards Institute.